Meet the Team

Michelle Ruber

Michelle Ruber has been working in the Green Building construction industry in Portland since 1997. She began her career as the the Marketing Director at Environmental Building Supplies and served as the Green Building Specialist at YOLO Colorhouse. She comes with fresh interior design ideas and an understanding of how to use natural materials in artistic ways. She is also a detailed project manager getting subs and materials to the site on time!

Klaas de Jonge

Klaas de Jonge was born in The Netherlands and trained in culinary arts. When he moved to Portland he transferred from being a chef to a general contractor which has many similarities; lots of hard work, that shows in the end with the details. With all of his years working in kitchens, Klaas knows how they should flow and brings that expertise to Encircle.  His calmness, determination and easy going nature make him and incredible contractor.