We remodeled a 1922 bungalow that was in rough condition. By taking down some walls, adding additional windows and skylights, we were really able to open up the space. The wood wall panels are done with hardie trim boards and helped cover up the cracked lathe and plaster walls.

This project was featured on House Crashers the DYI & HGTV network show. They traveled to Portland and Encircle Design and Build was asked to be the local design build team! It was crazy, fun, and a once in a lifetime experience. We began with a dark and over stuffed garage and created a wonderful master bedroom and storage haven entryway.

We had the wonderful opportunity to build Rear Break our vacation rental in N.Mississippi District in Portland from the ground up. With a plentiful array of windows, light flood into the modern house. The aqua accents pop on the dark wood flooring.

The clients wanted to create a unique space for their grand children, without taking up valuable square footage. In 35/sf we were able to build 2 sleeping areas leaving plenty of floor space for playing. The wood for the beds was left over allowing for excellent reuse and material repetition in the home.

What a little accent wall of wall paper can do! Makes this room pop with character and color.

This ranch house had an old carport that dominated the front of the house. We converted it into a covered outdoor area creating a perfect entertaining space. A wood deck covers the old cracking driveway and wood fence defines the area. The kitchen window opens 180 degrees onto a bar making serving from the kitchen a breeze.

Encircle Design and Build did the building, interior design and interior decorating in this magnificent home. The goal was to create a family retreat were many people could comfortable gather. Material choices were made with longevity, use of maintenance, and environmental impact in mind.

A built in bar acts as a transition point for grabbing a drink before heading outdoors to the built in concrete fireplace. The barn doors are made by printing images onto natural wool using sepia tones, and then framing them with painted wood.

We took our cues for the architecture by looking to the landscape for the concept of two shifting boxes. The roof lines of the house recall the geometry of this dramatic shift opening up to views. Interior Design and Build by Encircle : Architecture by MOSI Architects

Refinishing the oak floors brought the luster back, a fresh coat of paint lightened the walls, new beautiful light fixtures, and fireplace surround transformed this living room.

Who doesn't want to read in those chairs, surrounded by inspiration and history? This was a former bedroom, but the kids have moved and the couple wanted to create a cozy study/office space. We widened the door, putting in two large sliding doors with obscured glass. The homeowner filled the walls with pieces of their lives.

A new color scheme, using YOLO Colorhouse colors, make this living room come to life. We updated this SE Portland house, with Marvin wood windows for maximum comfort and energy efficiency.

The former kitchen window had cracked so we replaced the windows in the front of the house with double paned efficient windows. This table and bench was crafted by Encircle Design and Build out of tile and wood, to maximize the area for eating.