This room was once a garage that was dark and unused. We converted the space into a bright, highly functional storage area for a family of five who needed a drop off zone for coats, shoes, etc. Reclaimed wood, custom cabinets and coat hooks with a durable tile floor completely change over this space.

We created a cedar wood entry on the exterior and interior of this vacation home to draw people in and wrap them in the warmth of wood. The hooks are made from old bicycle handle bars that we painted red and installed.

A new entry way was added to a whole house remodel which allowed an ease of transition from inside to outside. Reclaimed wood lines the walls, with floating shelves and a mid century modern door. Tile allows for durability and an easy surface to clean.

The dining room didn't have any storage, so we custom built a dining buffet with two towers for our client to store items and display pieces. The glass towers have a puck light in each.

I can't express enough how we love to make affordable cabinets while at the same time salvaging materials that would likely wind up in the land fill. The doors on this cabinet are made from off cuts of Madrone flooring. The counter top is a porcelain tile, a left over piece from the entryway flooring.

This modern floating vanity uses off cuts of lumicor panels, a quartz remnant for the counter top and fir planks for this sides. The sliding doors give plenty of storage to this artistic cabinet.

This cabinet addresses the typical problem of where to store unsightly things in a kitchen. Encircle Design & Build created a cabinet that provides for plenty of storage while allowing for messages on the outside. The front of the cabinet is painted with chalkboard paint and the side is clad in cork.

Look what happens when you pop a bit of color into the bathroom. This 35/sf space was tricky to get a tub, sink, and toilet into. Encircle Design and Build created a vanity that gave legroom as well as functional storage to this tiny space.

A Portland Yoga studio was looking for a way to store their props in a subtle and calming manner. We used rough sawn reclaimed wood to provide the storage while also brining in a history and character that only reclaimed wood can.

A Portland therapist commissioned us to create a cabinet for her office that would hold paper work and look beautiful. She wanted the piece to be able to fit into various spaces from an office to a living room for potential future use.

With kids & a small house this Portland family was challenged for more space to do crafts, host an entertainment center, and store items. The table sits on a hinge and folds down & can be used as a sewing area or craft table. To the right sits a built in entertainment area & more floating shelves.

Our client is a mid century modern lover! She wanted to replicate her old cabinets to give more storage and counter space to her house. We matched the wood, finish, and hardware for a new dining room credenza that blends with the original cabinetry.