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What started as shipping pallets become out door furniture!

Oct 14, 2015 | Reuse Ideas

When building there are a lot of items delivered on shipping pallets, some of the pallets are in great shape, while others look like they been around the world. The great thing is when you get pallets they are made with strong wood, that can easily be reused. Below is what a typical shipping pallet looks like (we already started the demo, but you get the idea)....

We made two projects with the pallets, the first was an outdoor dining table. This was real simple. We replaced some of the wood that was broken, with wood from other pallets we didn't need. Then used 4 x 4 for the legs.

We then sanded the wood down a bit using a palm sander and 120 grit paper. The top was painted with an exterior latex paint, and the legs were stained with an exterior stain with a cedar tint. The spacing between the boards is ideal for an outdoor table because it lets the water run through.

With the other pallets we made a hanging swing.

Depending on what you are planning on making, some deconstruction of the pallets may be needed. Using a crow bar and hammer you can take some of the wood off as needed. For seating in a swing you want 2' per person to sit, this swing is about 4' wide, comfortable for 2 people. Home Depot, sells heavy duty chain that they will cut to length, each strand is rated for 400lbs.

A little paint and voila! We used a piece of Trex decking across the top, that isn't needed but matched the style of the rest of the furniture we made for Shift Vacation Rentals in Portland. www.shiftvacationrentals.com