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The Nature Inspired Portland Kitchen

Mar 26, 2012 | Kitchen Renovation

This NE Portland kitchen was showing its years with dinged cabinets and counters. It lacked storage space and ample counter top work surfaces.

The home owners called in architect & friend, Kristin Pickett, to help with the new layout. She designed a kitchen that maximized storage by taking the cabinets to the ceiling. She also created a new counter area where the owners could have a built-in garbage and recycling station.

The kitchen was inspired by nature the Marmoleum floors represent the forest, the Cement Elegance counters called in the stone, the YOLO Colorhouse paint stands for water, and the custom wood cabinets by Kitchens and More signaled the wood. I loved having these peaceful grounding images to guide the remodel.

The back splash tile came from Surface, and is a wonderful nod to the past with the subway tile format, but its translates to a more modern look with the 4? x 12? tile size. We added the 1? glass tile as the jewelry and the color matches with the detail color of the light fixtures.

Back splash tile detail
We wish this wonderful family many years of good food, laughter and family time in their new kitchen!


The perfect situation for a kitchen nook…..

Dec 21, 2011 | Kitchen Renovation

The question was, “How do we fit more than 4 people in our dining area?”  It was a fitting question seeing that these lovely clients live in a tiny cozy house of 800/sf.  They love to entertain and often made a make shift dining area in their living room when they were hosting more than 4 people for dinner.  But, that got old and Thanksgiving brought along the goal of seating a large group around 1 table.  Normally, I would leave the architectural detail they had separating a small dining area from the kitchen as seen here.

But in the case of the small house with the desire of seating 7-8 people we decided the wing walls needed to come down and a built-in dining table and benches were the solution.

We took the walls out, down to the studs, so that we could wire for the 2 pendant lights, frame the skylight in cleaner, and insulate the walls.

We got all of the salvaged fir from Salvage Works in N. Portland. (http://www.salvageworkspdx.com)  This gave the table and benches a history and character that you can’t find in new wood, plus it meets our goal of using environmental materials when possible.


New kitchen layout- which one to use???

Mar 8, 2011 | Kitchen Renovation

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The kitchen design begins……starting this process is best done with a glass of red wine, an open mind, and collected images of rooms you have seen and love.  I love this time of dreaming up the new space!

Here are the 2 winning images of the new kitchen layout.  I would love some feedback on which one you think we should go with and why.

Kitchen 1 allows for an entertaining feel.  It has space to sit on stools and watch the cooking, which is super fun.  The downside is that the cooking area is really for a 1 to 2 person space.

Kitchen 2 is more open and expansive.  It doesn’t house an area to sit, but the dining room is right there so…is it better to have an open floor plan?

I can’t wait to get the votes, thoughts, ideas back- and deeply thank you for taking the time to think about it!  It takes many eyes to see!