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Doors: the moment of transition

Jan 2, 2012 | Remodeling

We hope that with each door you enter in 2012, whether its on vacation in a new land or to the front door of your house you enter everyday; that each threshold brings health, passion and peace.  Here is to a year of following your bliss!

As the New Year graces us, it makes me think about the various transitions of the past year.  In building, the object that represents transition, is the door.  Its quite literally the biggest symbol representing a changing of spaces.

The kind of door you use acts as a teaser for what you will see in the room you are about to enter.  I love creating the opportunity to make someone stop and assess how they are interacting with something as ordinary as a door.  Playing with the way it opens, the size, the handle, the color, the texture all of these things make each step to the future that much more original.