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The perfect situation for a kitchen nook…..

Dec 21, 2011 | Kitchen Renovation

The question was, “How do we fit more than 4 people in our dining area?”  It was a fitting question seeing that these lovely clients live in a tiny cozy house of 800/sf.  They love to entertain and often made a make shift dining area in their living room when they were hosting more than 4 people for dinner.  But, that got old and Thanksgiving brought along the goal of seating a large group around 1 table.  Normally, I would leave the architectural detail they had separating a small dining area from the kitchen as seen here.

But in the case of the small house with the desire of seating 7-8 people we decided the wing walls needed to come down and a built-in dining table and benches were the solution.

We took the walls out, down to the studs, so that we could wire for the 2 pendant lights, frame the skylight in cleaner, and insulate the walls.

We got all of the salvaged fir from Salvage Works in N. Portland. (http://www.salvageworkspdx.com)  This gave the table and benches a history and character that you can’t find in new wood, plus it meets our goal of using environmental materials when possible.