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May 27, 2011 | Bathroom Remodels

I love bathrooms.  Probably because it’s an area where you can put so much “bling” into a space.  There is a lot going on from the toilet to the tile there are tons of details to think of and therefore tons of areas to add some creativity.

For tiles we use a lot of porcelain.  It’s through body so if you happen to chip it down the road its a bit harder to see, you never have to seal it making maintenance easy, and the designs coming out of Italy are gorgeous.  We shop a lot at Surface in SE Portland.  Kara, is a wizard.  Here is a link to the site: http://surface-home.com/

Grout has come a long way.  We specify epoxy based grout for the shower floors.  If you can’t tell I don’t like to think of doing on going maintenance.  This epoxy based grout doesn’t have to be resealed we use it on the shower floor which takes the majority of the wear and tear.

Texture is the other element that I am into.  We took a trip to Las Vegas recently where texture shines.  I love how texture can bring in a totally different element adding depth and imagination into a surface.

bathroom tile layout

This bathroom has porcelian wall and floor tile and glass tile in the shower area.

Here are some photos of the bathrooms as of today.  Keep in mind the tile hasn’t been completely grouted or caulked, those finishing touches will make things look perfect.  Next step is using reclaimed fir to build custom bathroom cabinets!

I love the subtle texture on the wall tile- this tile lines one of the walls and it looks like rain is dripping down the wall!