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Permits are granted!

Mar 23, 2011 | Remodeling


It is so thrilling to go down to the city and have them stamp off plans.  For one, its always wonderful to know that what we are proposing to do actually works.  Klaas and I shared many hilarious moments where I would wave my hand at a wall and say, “lets just take this down”.  No worries about structural feasibility, it simply needed to go.  Now, go it will, opening up the house from box land into a freer flowing space.

I suppose that is one point I would really emphasize- adding or subtracting walls will dramatically change the look and flow of a house and really (assuming there isn’t major structural work) it isn’t too expensive.  Our guru, Diana Moosman, with MOSI architects says to always look at the big picture at first and really play with the current placement and see what isn’t working.  Don’t be afraid to think about moving stairs & walls at this planning juncture.  I will admit to thinking no way are we moving a staircase (and we aren’t).  But that’s really because it doesn’t buy us anything in space- the idea of looking into the whole house and what would work best is smart.

So permits in hand, we will begin the work the week of April 4th 2011.


New kitchen layout- which one to use???

Mar 8, 2011 | Kitchen Renovation

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The kitchen design begins……starting this process is best done with a glass of red wine, an open mind, and collected images of rooms you have seen and love.  I love this time of dreaming up the new space!

Here are the 2 winning images of the new kitchen layout.  I would love some feedback on which one you think we should go with and why.

Kitchen 1 allows for an entertaining feel.  It has space to sit on stools and watch the cooking, which is super fun.  The downside is that the cooking area is really for a 1 to 2 person space.

Kitchen 2 is more open and expansive.  It doesn’t house an area to sit, but the dining room is right there so…is it better to have an open floor plan?

I can’t wait to get the votes, thoughts, ideas back- and deeply thank you for taking the time to think about it!  It takes many eyes to see!


How to see beyond the…..

Mar 2, 2011 | Remodeling

Well, here it is, the house we just bought.  I must say I am highly nervous for my parents to see these photos.  I can already hear them, “why did you buy this house, its filthy!”

This is where the special glasses need to be put on to look past the years worth of accumulation and look at the bones of the house.  That is hard to do when shades are drawn and you enter a dark and relatively filled house.  But I think that is also the key to finding a house that we could afford and have a shot at fixing up.

Looking beyond the stuff we saw a solidly built house with too many walls that needed to be opened up and literally shown some light.  I will send an as built and revised floor plan soon, for now you can see exactly what we saw at the time of purchase……