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What nice doors and hardware can do.......

An aspect of a remodel that isn't often discussed is doors and hardware.....or perhaps it sits back stage to other items that play a larger role. On our own house we had hollow core, unstable, doors, with that vinyl type coating over them. They also had brass hardware that wasn't solid and stable feeling, here is a photo of the old doors and hardware.....I had wanted to change them out for years, since I first purchased our house.

[img src="http://encircledesignbuild.com/uploads/Hollowcore_doors_543.JPG">

Finally the day came, when I just made it happen, we worked with Western Pacific for our new solid core 5 panel doors. Clear Douglas Fir was what we opted for, as opposed to painting a wood door. We stained the door with Vermont Natural Coatings. We love this finish which is made from w


[img src="http://encircledesignbuild.com/uploads/Solid_Wood_Door4_544.jpg">

Now it's on to the hardware. You know when you shake someone's hand and its a hard, dependable, sturdy handshake, and you think that's solid! That is how I want my door handles to feel. Knobs and handles are like jewelry they can totally change an outfit. We went with Emtek handles: http://emtek.com/ A high quality, great designed line of hardware. We wanted to blend our modern aesthetic with our 100 year old house. This is what we went with:

[img src="http://encircledesignbuild.com/uploads/Emtek_Hardware4_549.jpg">

The black finish next to the Fir is our favorite combination. Modern and classic at the same time. National Builders Hardware in Portland carries this line.

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