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A refreshing remodel achieved while keeping the fixtures in the same location.

When our friends called us to remodel their bathroom, this is what we began with......

They wanted to update the room, without breaking the bank. Storage was a top priority, a double sink, and other creative storage areas were desired. They wanted the bathroom to relate to the rest of their early 1900's home, and accommodate a family of four. 

In order to stay within budget, we left the fixtures in the same area adding a second sink and hand held shower. We also kept the original cast iron tub and resurfaced it making it look like new. This saved on costs, but also kept a beautiful original feature to relate with the rest of the home.

We used an Ann Sacks glass tile to brighten up the space and give it a fresh look. A hand held shower was added which allowed the family to bathe their two children easily. The two soap niches were installed for storage of shampoos so the tub is free of clutter.

The old vanity had a lot of unused space on either side of it that we captured when creating the custom fir vanity. The cabinet style and wood tone also relate to our clients beautiful kitchen remodel they did a few years prior.

One of the most innovative solution we did was to add an electrical outlet to the interior of the drawer so items like hair dryers and curling irons could be plugged in for quick and easy use, but out of the way to reduce clutter.

The floor is a low maintenance porcelain tile which was also used as the base board for a modern look that is easy to clean and doesn't need to be sealed. A fir storage cabinet was made for over the toilet to accommodate towels and toilet paper.

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