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The Larger Impact Your Space Has On You

My Dad used to walk into my room when I was a teenager and say, “What’s the matter, something must be terribly wrong!”.  “Ohhh Dad your right,” I would reply, and on and on I went telling him of the current drama.

Then there would be other times he would come into the room, look around, and comment on how things must be going great. I always thought he was a mind reader he was so clear in his diagnosis. Years later I asked him how he always knew so well how I was doing, he replied that the state of my bedroom gave him all the insight he needed into my life.  If my bedroom was a mess, then my life was. If things were in their place and orderly, then so was I.

I take that same concept with me as I work with people- the state that your current space is in has an impact on your life. Of course this is distilled, but when thinking about this concept I thought I would share a few more design elements that can help one feel better in their space.

1. Organization:
Clearing out old stuff, recycling items, taking them to goodwill, or if it calls for it, throwing it in the trash, is the first step we advise.
Take a rainy Saturday and clean things out- really clean them out, take everything out of the room and before putting it back in assess should it be in there, the trash, goodwill or basement?
Creative storage is a great way to feel good in a space. We make a lot of these vertical storage units, as they hold a great deal of things and use space in an efficient way.

2. Light:
The more natural light you can get in a room the better. Windows, skylights, and doors add them whenever possible. If you need some privacy try sheer curtains, so light can still filter in, or satin etched glass on windows.
After natural light, multiple light sources is next. One overhead light in the middle of the room is typical for many houses, but if you can add additional light sources for task lighting, ambient lighting, and artistic lighting that really creates a great mood. I love playing with lighting and creating light streams.

3. Color:
Ohhh I know it’s a challenging one! The place I recommend starting is by describing how you want to feel in the room.  For instance in a bedroom, do you want to feel awake and ready for the day? Or do you prefer your room to be a sanctuary for quiet and retreat? There is no “right” way, but a bright vibrant color would be used for the first example whereas a soothing tone would be better for the second.


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