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Inspiration from Bend Oregon

We spent 5 days of blissful time in Bend Oregon and were blown away with all that was going on in SE Scott. The Workhouse is Bend’s newest art/design collective. It is a multi use work/retail space for art, fashion, and home design, in Bend’s historic Old Iron Works District at 50 SE Scott.


There are dozens of local artists inside of the this fantastic old building. You can walk around and watch people making their art, allowing for a wonderful community connection. Cari Dolyniuk and Stuart Breidenstein are the folks with the vision. They each have studios, produce amazing art, and are passionate about supporting the local art scene.


To give you a taste of some of the art, Karen Eland, from Coffee Creations paints elegant pictures using beer and coffee. It’s not to be missed!


We strolled next door to the CUBE (which stands for creative urban business environment) and again we were in awe with the creativity and execution. (www.facebook.com/CUBE.BEND) Shipping containers adorn the space which hosts a variety of designers and architects. Cement Elegance, the counters I am a big fan of, has an incredible display of their beautiful, durable and environmental counters.


Cement Elegance’s inter-grated sinks are eye candy for those who drool over good design. (www.cementelegance.com)

The trip wouldn’t be complete without a coffee and treat from The Sparrow Bakery. (www.thesparrowbakery.com/home/) The innovation, fresh ingredients and warm atmosphere make it perfect, then add to that the strong support of the Make Local Habit movement and you are hooked!

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