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Permits are granted!


It is so thrilling to go down to the city and have them stamp off plans.  For one, its always wonderful to know that what we are proposing to do actually works.  Klaas and I shared many hilarious moments where I would wave my hand at a wall and say, “lets just take this down”.  No worries about structural feasibility, it simply needed to go.  Now, go it will, opening up the house from box land into a freer flowing space.

I suppose that is one point I would really emphasize- adding or subtracting walls will dramatically change the look and flow of a house and really (assuming there isn’t major structural work) it isn’t too expensive.  Our guru, Diana Moosman, with MOSI architects says to always look at the big picture at first and really play with the current placement and see what isn’t working.  Don’t be afraid to think about moving stairs & walls at this planning juncture.  I will admit to thinking no way are we moving a staircase (and we aren’t).  But that’s really because it doesn’t buy us anything in space- the idea of looking into the whole house and what would work best is smart.

So permits in hand, we will begin the work the week of April 4th 2011.

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